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In Many Major Crop Regions, Workers Plant and Harvest in Spiraling Heat and Humidity

The ability of farmworkers to cultivate major crops including rice and maize may be compromised if climate trends continue.

by |November 20, 2023

The Fifth National Climate Assessment: Change Is Here, but There Is Hope

The Fifth National Climate Assessment was released today. The message: change is here, but immediate action can avert the worst impacts.

by |November 14, 2023

Learning How Trees Can Help Unlock Secrets of Our Climate Future

A new cataloging system will help better preserve, track and share thousands of tree ring samples from around the globe.

by Olivia Colton and Tyler Zorn |November 10, 2023
summer interns

Student Spotlight: How the Sustainable Development Program Helped Further My Career

Two sustainable-development students reflect on career-defining internships.

by |November 3, 2023
Mt. St. Helens

Washington’s Volcanoes Are Experiencing Seismic Tremors from an Unlikely Source: Glaciers

At three Cascade Range volcanos, glacier movement is causing tremors that visitors and even people in nearby cities have been able to feel.

by |October 20, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: What It’s Like to Work at SpaceX

Daryush Nourbaha says a master’s degree in sustainability science prepared him well for his role at one of the world’s most high-profile companies. Plus he got to watch a rocket launch.

by Olivia Colton |October 12, 2023

Why Climate Change Is a National Security Risk

The U.S. Defense Department regards climate change as a “threat multiplier” that exacerbates existing environmental stresses and national security risks, and affects everything it does.

by |October 11, 2023
Designer Jianhui Yan speaking at the “Building A Greener Planet” event.

Using Recycled Materials, Designer Jianhui Yan Is Creating Sustainable Fashion

An interview with fashion designer Jianhui Yan, who’s been making beautiful and eco-friendly apparel for almost two decades.

by |September 29, 2023
farida razaqi headshot

Meet Farida Razaqi of the Climate and Society Class of 2024

Born and raised in Afghanistan, she’s working at the intersection of climate change, gender, and security.

by |September 13, 2023

Columbia Climate School Adds Four New Faculty Members

The new appointees bring expertise in a range of disciplines including environmental justice, urban design, conservation biology, and the history of climate science.

by |September 12, 2023