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Meet Farida Razaqi of the Climate and Society Class of 2024

Born and raised in Afghanistan, she’s working at the intersection of climate change, gender, and security.

by |September 13, 2023
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Meet Dasom Shi From the Climate and Society Class of 2024

An incoming student in the Climate and Society program, Shi will continue to pursue her passion for improving corporate impact and climate action.

by Kayley Beard |August 25, 2023

Alumni Profile: Working With Labor Unions to Create a More Sustainable Future

Avalon Hoek Spaans, an alumnus of the Columbia Climate School’s Climate and Society program, is channeling their personal experience and education to build a more just and sustainable world within the U.S. workforce.

by |August 17, 2023
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Understanding the SEC’s Proposed Climate Rules: Part 2

Adjunct professor Taylor Pullins explains how his new course will help sustainability professionals navigate the complexities of this landmark regulatory change.

by Laura Millar |August 15, 2023
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Understanding the SEC’s Proposed Climate Rules: Part 1

Adjunct professor Carolyn Kim Allwin shares why she thinks the new rules would be transformational for sustainable investing, and how her course will help sustainability professionals navigate these new guidelines.

by Laura Millar |August 8, 2023

Anticipating and Tracking Climate Refugees in a Warming Africa

Researchers are looking at what drives climate migration, and how it might best be handled.

by |July 6, 2023

Acutely Exposed to Changing Climate, Many Greenlanders Do Not Blame Humans

The Arctic is warming much faster than most of the world, and because many Greenlanders live close to nature, they are personally feeling the effects. Yet the idea that humans are changing the climate is a stretch for many people. Why?

by |June 28, 2023
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Study Highlights 6 Tools for Decolonizing Climate Research

While there’s no quick fix for the legacies of colonization, researchers argue that it starts with recognizing Indigenous knowledge systems alongside Western scientific methods.

by Sofia Fall |June 23, 2023

Sustainable Development Award Winners Reflect on Their College Careers

Three students from the class of 2023 who earned Departmental Honors share their post-graduation plans, their understanding of sustainability, and their advice to current students.

by Kayley Beard |June 16, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Rubin Takes Vertical Farming to New Heights

In 2021, Rubin launched Fresh Florida Farms, which grows non-GMO hydroponic lettuce, microgreens, sprouts, herbs, and other leafy greens in Boca Raton.

by Brett Essler |June 6, 2023