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The Reality of the Transition to an Environmentally Sustainable Economy in New York City

Environmental impact has gone from the fringes to the center of our consciousness. Government, entrepreneurs, individuals, and major institutions play important roles in the transition to environmental sustainability.

by |October 30, 2023

Food Waste and the Complexity of New York City’s Garbage

The goal of reusing food waste is worthwhile, though NYC’s new mandatory residential food recycling has some design problems.

by |June 20, 2023

New York City’s Food Waste and the Circular Economy

Food waste provides an opportunity for New York City to place itself on the cutting edge of waste recycling.

by |December 5, 2022

An Environmental Agenda for NYC’s New Mayor

Our new mayor should let our environmental actions do the talking for the next eight years. It would be a refreshing change.

by |December 6, 2021
bags of compost from the nyc department of sanitation

Opinion: Composting Should Be Mandatory in New York City

Composting is good for the planet, and it can be profitable. New Yorkers should be required to separate compostable materials along with recycling.

by Katherine Kam |December 2, 2021

The Pandemic is a Reason to Preserve Not Pollute the Planet

The pandemic should be teaching us the importance of public health, environmental protection and scientific analysis; which should lead us to preserve rather than pollute the planet.

by |April 27, 2020
green pepper on fake grass

Reflections on COVID-19 and Our Destruction of Nature

The coronavirus pandemic provides mandatory lessons in sustainability.

by Radhika Iyengar |March 31, 2020

Closing the Loop on Urban Food Waste

Riyana Razalee, a current student in the MS in Sustainability Management program, is building from the ground up a career in agriculture and food systems.

by |October 3, 2019
food waste is a big problem in the U.S.

The Hidden Costs of Food Waste

Nearly 40 percent of all food goes uneaten in the U.S. Environmental policy alumni examine the impacts of food waste and how we can make a difference.

by |August 23, 2019
fighting food waste

Fighting Food Waste by Finding Ways to Use the Useless

Even though some food is never eaten, the carbon emissions to grow it still end up in the atmosphere. Reducing waste is crucial to fighting climate change.

by |May 7, 2019