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Supermarket freezer aisle

Expanding Global Cold Chains: Effective Adaptation, or Dangerous Contribution to Climate Change?

Cooling technologies, including refrigerators and industrial chillers, can prevent food waste and are increasingly necessary in our warming climate. Are there ways to minimize their climate impacts?

by Benjamin Ritter, Carolyne Barker, and Kevin Karl |January 27, 2023
airplane engine while plane is on the tarmack

I Shouldn’t Have to Pay to Fly With a Clean Conscience

It is crucial that policymakers focus on regulating airline emissions and fostering innovation in sustainable aviation fuels.

by Matteo Chiadò Piat |November 8, 2022

Why Can’t Taco Bell Tell You It’s Actually Trying To Be Sustainable?

The fast food chain is missing an opportunity to educate its millions of daily consumers on what will truly “make a fiery difference” in saving our planet.

by Paul Hagopian |October 14, 2022
Signage on a supermarket shelf gives the carbon footprint of a box of fruit smoothie

Carbon Footprints: How to Advance Transparency and Prevent Greenwashing

We need a unified format for how carbon footprints are communicated, and policies to make them a normal part of doing business.

by Caleb Smith |July 12, 2022
smoke and industry on the horizon

New Report Examines Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Government-Owned Companies

State-owned companies emit more carbon dioxide than any country except China. Countries can leverage these enterprises to achieve climate and energy policy objectives.

by |February 3, 2022
30 rock building and empire state building

It May Be Time to Reconsider Energy Efficiency Exemptions for Historic Buildings

Despite long-standing rhetoric, older buildings are not always greener, according to a recent study.

by Anna Gasha |January 18, 2022

Bitcoin’s Impacts on Climate and the Environment

The cryptocurrency’s high value comes at a high cost to the planet.

by |September 20, 2021
dome and city skyline at sunset

Project Takes A New Approach to Gauging New York City’s Emissions

Estimates say the city releases about 50 million tons of carbon a year, but no one has actually measured it. A new project is trying to change that.

by Elise Gout |April 28, 2020

Is Organic Food Really Better for the Environment?

Recent research suggests it might not be as sustainable as we might think, but it’s complicated.

by |October 22, 2019

You Asked: Should We All Go Vegetarian or Vegan to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint?

Short answer: Moderation is key.

by |September 26, 2019