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Fall 2021 Internship Opportunity with the Center for Climate Systems Research

The intern will be using a Bayesian framework and Flee agent based model to simulate human migration due to conflict and food insecurity in East Africa.

by |October 12, 2021

How Will People Move as Climate Changes?

A new model estimates how many climate migrants there will be, where they are likely to go, and what effects they might have on the places to which they move.

by |June 13, 2018

The 2 Million Year Melee: Neanderthals vs. Humans

Given their adaptation to cold climes and their advanced, albeit under-appreciated, skills, how were Neanderthals beaten out by their human counterparts? The answer lies in a combination of culture and genetics that enabled the successful radiation of humans.

by |May 8, 2016
Homo erectus skull

Did Climate Change Shape Human Evolution?

“The use of stone to make stone that can cut flesh is important,” Richard Leakey said. “We’re not empirical things, we’re thinkers. … What was it that triggered that response?”

by |April 20, 2012