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2022 Climate News You Should Know

Climate School experts weigh in on the past year’s most noteworthy events and developments within their fields.

by Elise Gout |December 19, 2022

Jackson Mississippi and America’s Infrastructure Crisis

The collapse of the public water system in Jackson is far from unique. The combination of climate-accelerated extreme weather and infrastructure disinvestment ensures there will be many more Jacksons in our future.

by |September 6, 2022

Earth Day Urgency

We are nowhere close to achieving the transition to environmental sustainability, but the process is well underway here in the United States. To achieve this, we need to think about our shared values rather than our differences. Let’s make every day an Earth Day.

by |April 25, 2022

Democrats in Congress Hold the Fate of the Planet in Their Slippery Hands

The Democrats must quickly pass the Infrastructure Bill and compromise on reconciliation. There is no time to spare.

by |October 11, 2021

President Biden’s Climate Change Political Strategy

We have an American president who understands the climate crisis, and both the grave threat and historic opportunity it presents.

by |June 28, 2021