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Enriquillo fault bathymetry

Looking at the Seafloor Without Water

Along the Enriquillo fault, large-scale submarine landslides provide possible evidence of earthquakes.

by Cecilia McHugh |January 26, 2022
ship in water

The R/V Pelican Sets Sail, and Data Collection Begins

Researchers are mapping the seafloor and subseafloor between Haiti and Jamaica, to evaluate the potential for earthquakes.

by Cecilia McHugh |January 16, 2022

Third International Conference on Climate Services

The third International Conference on Climate Services, organized by the Climate Services Partnership, will be held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, from Dec. 4-6. Just as weather services provides us with forecasts of short-term temperatures and rainfall, climate services provide users with timely information about a range of expected conditions that decision makers can use to help manage current climate risks and build resilience to future climate change

by |December 2, 2013