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American Geophysical Union 2022: Key Research From the Columbia Climate School

A guide to some of the most provocative and groundbreaking talks at the world’s largest gathering of earth and space scientists.

by |November 29, 2022
6 headshots of researchers attending cop27

COP27: Delegates From the Columbia Climate School Share Their Plans and Hopes

A number of representatives from the Columbia Climate School will be attending the global climate summit in Egypt. Here’s what they’ll be up to, and what they hope to achieve.

by |October 31, 2022
New York City Gridlock

Data Dive: NYC Traffic Trends, Street Safety and Public Health

Professor Peter Muennig discusses the state of New York City’s streets, and what could be done to make them safer.

by |September 27, 2022
safaa suliman

Safaa Suliman Sees Dental Care as an Integral Part of Public Health

An epidemiology student and pediatric dentist who works with marginalized communities, Suliman wants policymakers to understand the importance of oral health and prioritize it.

by |July 27, 2022

Air Pollution and Climate Change Take a Growing Toll on Children’s Health

A new paper cites dozens of studies on how fossil fuel combustion harms kids’ physical and mental health.

by |June 23, 2022
map of high temperatures across the u.s.

How Can We Make Heat Waves Less Deadly?

Though often underestimated, extreme heat is the leading weather-related killer in the U.S.

by |June 14, 2022
wetland in indiana

For Wetland Plants, Sea Level Rise Stamps Out Benefits of Higher CO2

The beneficial effects of rising CO2 for plants disappear 
under flooding, a 33-year field experiment reveals.

by |May 19, 2022

Historically Redlined Neighborhoods Are Burdened by Excess Oil and Gas Wells

A new study adds to the evidence that structural racism in federal policy is linked to the disproportionate siting of oil and gas wells in marginalized neighborhoods.

by |April 27, 2022
people picking up food from a tray

Food Security Expert Lew Ziska Contributes to Landmark UN Climate Report

Climate change is an ongoing threat to human health and environments—including food and water sources around the world—and the world is running out of time to change course, the report concludes.

by |March 9, 2022
3D Render of the clouds of Hurricane Ida (Aug 28, 2021) on a topographic map of the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricanes and Other Tropical Cyclones Linked to Rise in U.S. Deaths from Several Major Causes

A landmark study reveals the potential deadly cost of climate-related disasters to injuries, infectious and parasitic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and other disorders.

by |March 9, 2022