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‘The Canary in the Coal Mine’: Most Olympic Peninsula Glaciers Will Disappear by 2070

A recent study projects that climate change will cause most glaciers on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State to disappear by 2070, threatening water resources, ecosystems, and tourism.

by |November 11, 2022

Leaders from Glaciated Regions Highlight Importance of Women, Youth, and Indigenous Peoples at COP26

They discussed adaptation strategies for mountain regions.

by |November 12, 2021

All-Nepali Team Makes History With First Successful Winter Ascent of K2

The triumphant tale of 10 Nepali mountaineers’ pioneering winter ascent of the second highest mountain in the world stands apart from historic mountaineering narratives dominated by white men.

by |February 18, 2021
a mountain range dusted with snow, featuring words "11 December World Mountain Day"

Celebrating International Mountain Day With Biodiversity Commitments

Member states of the UN gathered to discuss their responsibility to support mountain communities, ecosystems, and COVID-19 recovery.

by |December 17, 2020
a bright blue pool of water forming on a piece of ice. a person skiis across the ice mass, very small in comparison

New Book Highlights the Beauty of Glaciers

Canadian author Lynn Martel recently released a book filled with stories about the wonder of glaciers and the people who interact with them.

by |December 10, 2020
franz josef glacier

Glacier Town at Risk in Next Great New Zealand Earthquake

The tourist town of Franz Josef, at the base of a large glacier of the same name, could be at the epicenter of the next magnitude 8 rupture along the Alpine Fault line.

by |August 21, 2020
pasang dolma sherpa

Pasang Dolma Sherpa, Indigenous Peoples Representative to the U.N., Speaks With GlacierHub

Around the world, Indigenous communities are losing their lands, livelihoods and culture to climate change. Sherpa is fighting to bring their voices to the United Nations.

by |July 21, 2020

Capturing the North Cascades

Photographer Stephen Matera talks to GlacierHub about his series of photographs on the Washington State mountain range.

by |July 14, 2020

Spy Satellites Reveal the Himalayas’ Changing Glaciers – in 3D

Declassified spy satellite images are beginning to provide the first consistent look at how glaciers across the Himalayas are changing and what future water supplies might look like for millions of people.

by |December 12, 2016
D'Entrecasteaux Islands

The Downs and Ups of Mountain Building

In the islands off Papua New Guinea, the rocks are giving rise to new ideas about the ways mountain chains form. A new scientific model shows how two seemingly opposite processes can take place in the same region.

by |August 18, 2015