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A view into the offices of Twitter's headquarters

Layoffs in Big Tech Are an Opportunity to Tackle Climate Change

Anyone working in tech already has the skills to help solve our generation’s biggest challenge.

by Thomas Turnbull |December 2, 2022
kate morsink headshot

Student Spotlight: Kate Morsink, Future Sustainability Consultant

After she completes the Sustainability Management program in December, Kate will work for the Boston Consulting Group, helping businesses inject sustainability into their core strategy.

by Frederique Fyhr |December 2, 2022

Faculty Spotlight: John Williams

He’s teaching “Geographies of Environmental Justice and Sustainability” in the Sustainability Management program this fall.

by Frederique Fyhr |November 22, 2022
people sitting around a table with a board game on it

Columbia Student Presents Climate Change Board Games at COP27

Sustainability Management student Jiangnan Shen co-founded a company that is exploring new ways to teach sustainable development. She tells us about the company’s games and how they can contribute to climate action.

by |November 18, 2022
view of the manhattan skyline across the hudson river

There Are, in Fact, Fish in the Hudson River

The river — much like post-pandemic New York City — is more resilient than people think.

by Helena Kilburn |November 2, 2022

How Electric Vehicle Chargers Can Help Make Cities More Equitable and Resilient

Ensuring equal access to smart charging stations can help tackle transit deserts, local air pollution, and climate resilience in underserved neighborhoods

by Luke Mairo |October 21, 2022

Why Can’t Taco Bell Tell You It’s Actually Trying To Be Sustainable?

The fast food chain is missing an opportunity to educate its millions of daily consumers on what will truly “make a fiery difference” in saving our planet.

by Paul Hagopian |October 14, 2022

Faculty Profile: Pooja Chawda

An alum of the Sustainability Management program, she is teaching a course on life cycle assessment this fall.

by Frederique Fyhr |October 12, 2022

Faculty Profile: Hayley Martinez

She’s co-teaching the Earth Institute Practicum this fall.

by Frederique Fyhr |October 5, 2022
person cracking egg over electric stovetop

Why We Need to Ban Gas in New York State Buildings

Banning gas connections in new buildings would have significant health benefits, in addition to helping to curb climate emissions.

by Thomas Turnbull |September 30, 2022