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The Constant Evolution of Education for Sustainability Professionals

Education requires both change and stability, and the quest for balance between timeless concepts and an understanding of the contemporary world never ends.

by |October 16, 2023
Satyajit Bose headshot

Understanding the SEC’s Proposed Climate Rules: Part 3

With the new guidelines, many companies will be challenged to quantify how their businesses will be impacted by climate change. Professor Satyajit Bose shares how his course will help sustainability professionals analyze and manage climate risks.

by Laura Millar |August 22, 2023
taylor pullins headshot

Understanding the SEC’s Proposed Climate Rules: Part 2

Adjunct professor Taylor Pullins explains how his new course will help sustainability professionals navigate the complexities of this landmark regulatory change.

by Laura Millar |August 15, 2023
Carolyn Kim Allwin headshot

Understanding the SEC’s Proposed Climate Rules: Part 1

Adjunct professor Carolyn Kim Allwin shares why she thinks the new rules would be transformational for sustainable investing, and how her course will help sustainability professionals navigate these new guidelines.

by Laura Millar |August 8, 2023
person in a hoodie with smoke in front of their face

Tackling E-Cigarettes: One Path Forward in the Fight Against E-Waste Pollution

Vaping is often billed as a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes, but advocates fail to register e-cigarettes’ contribution to the growing threat of e-waste.

by Ian Galinson |April 28, 2023
man looking at papers

Climate School Internship Opportunities for Summer 2023

A variety of positions are available. Applications will be accepted until Monday, April 24.

by Yana Zeltser |April 10, 2023
Smiling girl in baseball cap and pink sweater holds a small animal skull

What Tracking Mountain Lions Taught Me About Adaptability

A student in the M.S. in Sustainability Management program discusses the importance of mountain lions to the California ecosystem and how changes in climate and human behavior are getting in their way.

by Amy Stanfield |March 30, 2023
A woman with blonde hair smiling.

Inside New York’s Concrete Jungle with Amy Karpati

Ecologist and environmental educator Amy Karpati discusses urban ecosystems and paths to restoration in New York City and beyond.

by Bhavya Jha |March 29, 2023

Viewing Urban Geography and History Through an Environmental Justice Lens

A Q&A with John Williams, who studies the historical links between the built environment and racial injustice in U.S. cities.

by Olivia Colton |March 22, 2023
a tick on a stalk of grass

Tick Tock: CDC Takes Its Time Treating Chronic Lyme Disease

A student’s long and painful journey toward diagnosis and treatment shows the urgent need for chronic Lyme disease awareness and funding.

by Grace Burns |March 10, 2023