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Offshore Wind Farms Could Capture Carbon From Air and Store It

When the wind can produce more power than is needed, that unused power could be used to remove carbon from the air and lock it away.

by David Goldberg |January 28, 2022
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Community Group Welcomes Step Forward for Offshore Wind in New York

On March 18, the New York Public Service Commission green-lighted a critical component of the state’s first offshore wind farm.

by Hillary Aidun |March 19, 2021
map of biomass and wind energy areas

Success of NY Offshore Wind Industry Depends on Collaboration with Scallop Fishery

A student asserts that wind development companies need to take fishermen’s concerns more seriously, so that both industries can coexist successfully.

by Louise Efthimiou |July 13, 2020
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Lessons Learned From an Energy Company’s Green Transformation

In just 12 years, Ørsted reduced its coal use by 81 percent and became the planet’s leading offshore windfarm developer. Here’s what other companies can learn from the transition.

wind turbines in water

What’s Next for Offshore Wind in the U.S.?

A panel of experts discusses the challenges and opportunities that lie just off the coast.

by |September 20, 2017