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A Plastics Treaty Will Be Grand, but this Recycling Innovator in Indonesia Isn’t Waiting

A pop-up Sustain What conversation with a sustainability-focused entrepreneur building a plastic trash-to-resource business across eastern Indonesia.

by |May 4, 2023

How Do We Clean Up All That Ocean Plastic?

A number of organizations are attempting to clean up the water, but solving the problem of ocean plastic pollution will also require big changes on land.

by |October 13, 2022
condiment packets

Opinion: We Must End the Relentless Distribution of Condiment Packets

They seem so small, yet they add up to a big problem. Plus, they’re exceptionally annoying.

by Jeffrey Prosserman |December 10, 2021

Why Fashion Needs to Be More Sustainable

As the world re-opens, it’s a good time to take stock of the implications of how we dress.

by |June 10, 2021
grocery store with no single-use plastics

Don’t Let the Plastics Industry Exploit Coronavirus to Roll Back Progress

A student urges that we stand up to corporate deceit, reinstate plastic-bag bans, and encourage businesses to allow reusables again while adhering to safety protocols.

by Arissa Lahr |September 4, 2020
empty streets of washington dc

COVID-19’s Long-Term Effects on Climate Change—For Better or Worse

Changes in carbon emissions, individual behaviors, and government responses will have a big impact on the environment and our ability to combat climate change.

by |June 25, 2020
disposable glove in grass

Waste in the World of COVID-19

Single-use plastics are having a revival. Some of the changes have been brought on not by necessity, but by the powerful plastics lobby taking advantage of a time of crisis.

by Kelly Rose Nunziata |June 24, 2020
Plastic trash floating in a river

More Plastic Is On the Way: What It Means for Climate Change

Fossil fuel companies are ramping up production of virgin plastics, with huge potential consequences for climate and the environment.

by |February 20, 2020
Agustina Besada

You Asked: Does Caring About Plastic Distract From Climate Change?

Short answer: Why not both?

by |September 17, 2019

Why You Should Shop at the Farmers Market

In honor of National Farmers Market Week, a staffer who used to work at the market tells us why farmers markets are valuable community resources.

by |August 9, 2019