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hAIku: AI Generated Poetry

Have Da Vinci, an artificial intelligence engine created by OpenAI, compose a haiku on the science or nature topic of your choice!

by |April 22, 2022
Peter Coleman and poet Padraig Ó Tuama

Could ‘Peace Speech’ Save the Planet?

A poet and social psychologist at the Columbia Climate School explore the power of language in conflict resolution, sustainability, and peace.

by Lindsay Key |January 5, 2022


A poem of destruction and rebirth.

by Brianna Brown |November 12, 2021
hills and sky in jamaica

My Jamaica: A Poem

An undergraduate student shares an ode to their homeland.

by Brianna Brown |June 4, 2021

Tree Dance

A poem that will make you want to shake your branches.

by Brianna Brown |May 21, 2021
tree and mountains in the distance

Old Ground: A Poem About Going Home

An undergraduate student shares a lyrical tribute to land they call home.

by Brianna Brown |May 7, 2021
screengrab of interactive map

‘Vote the Earth’ Invites You to Use Poetry to Protect the Places You Love

The interactive online poetry project aims to inspire voters to put their love for the Earth behind the power of their vote.

by Center for Earth Ethics |November 2, 2020

Poetry in Planetary Motion

A new study, which found that the Earth and the Moon are drifting apart, inspired a science communicator to write this poem.

by |June 8, 2018