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It’s Time to Regulate E-Bikes and Scooters in New York City

As the nation and city decarbonize and move toward electricity-based energy systems, new technologies will continue to emerge, and we will need to develop rules to ensure that new technologies are deployed safely.

by |July 3, 2023

The Impact of the American Consensus Favoring Environmental Protection

The legal structure of American environmental protection persists because environmental protection has been added to the fundamental and irreducible function of government: to protect people from harm.

by |May 22, 2023

Public Service and Community Can Address New York City’s Post-COVID Crisis

As we struggle to emerge from COVID, we have the direct and clear leadership of our new mayor and the noble service and sacrifice of NYPD’s Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora to strengthen our resolve. But it will take all of us in service to each other to ensure our recovery.

by |January 31, 2022