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A room full of panelists sitting at a roundtable

How Can Digital Payments Improve Climate Resilience and Disaster Response?

Panelists, including Columbia Climate School’s Lisa Dale, discussed the role that mobile payments can play in response to climate change at a United Nations side event.

by Kayley Beard |July 26, 2023

Students Spend Spring Break Working on Sustainable Development Projects in Rwanda

Columbia undergrads partnered with University of Rwanda students to begin work on two local projects focusing on e-waste recycling and cleaner cookstoves.

by Kayley Beard |March 31, 2023
zebras in grassland

Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Development: Complementary Goals in Rwanda

Professor Lisa Dale spent a month in Rwanda this summer to teach, research, and weave together sustainable development and climate change adaptation.

by |September 13, 2019
Young women learn traditional basket weaving

Celebrating Young Women’s Economic Empowerment for International Women’s Day 2018

Women today are completing higher levels of education and taking on more leadership roles, yet many barriers to economic empowerment still persist.

by |March 8, 2018

Filling a Climate Gap and Helping Rwandan Farmers

Agriculture makes up a major portion of Rwanda’s economy, and employs eight in 10 Rwandans. Of course, farmers are hugely dependent on the climate, and a new project hopes to ensure they get timely information so they can plan for both good times and bad.

by |March 24, 2016

Rwanda to Scale Up Millennium Villages Model

With a renewed sense of urgency, the government of Rwanda has committed to combating poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals by supporting new initiatives in health, agriculture, education, infrastructure and business development. The Honorable James Musoni, the Rwandan Minister of Local Government, cemented the partnership with the MDG Centre through a Memorandum of Understanding… read more

by |September 22, 2011

Mobile Links Bring Progress to Millennium Villages

Members of the Broadband Commission and representatives from several East African governments visited the Mayange Millennium Village earlier this month to witness some of the success mobile technology has had in advancing health, education, infrastructure and business development in one of the poorest areas of Rwanda.

by |September 20, 2011