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Quick Tips to Repair Broken Items and Keep Them Out of the Landfill

The longer we can extend the lifetimes of consumer products, the better off our planet will be.

by |April 20, 2023

Meet Two Instructors of the Columbia Climate School in the Green Mountains Program

Learn about Climate School experts and their goals and plans for the program this summer.

by Laurel Zaima-Sheehy and Christina Deodatis |March 16, 2023
illustration demonstrating how circularity works

Celebrate Circularity Day With Us on March 10

Columbia Climate School and Barnard College team up to celebrate the power of smart design, reuse, and repair, to build sustainability on campus and beyond.

by |March 9, 2023
sandra goldmark in front of lamp

Circularity: A Powerful Tool for Fighting Climate Change

Sandra Goldmark discusses an upcoming Climate Week NYC event on the power of a new approach to consumption as a collective climate response.

by |September 19, 2022
sandra goldmark in front of lamp

Purchasing Power: How Conscientious Buying Can Enable a More Just and Sustainable Future

A conversation with author and Barnard sustainability director Sandra Goldmark on how to live in a material world while minimizing harm to the planet.

by Marie Lilly |February 25, 2022
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Fixing Our Broken Relationship with ‘Stuff’: A Q&A With Sandra Goldmark

The author of the book “Fixation” delves into our complex relationship with consumption, and gives practical advice on how to make it healthier.

by |December 18, 2020
fixation book cover

Green Friday: How to Balance Shopping and Sustainability

In her new book, sustainability expert and moonlighting repairperson Sandra Goldmark explains how individuals, businesses, and policy makers can build an economy centered on care for all that we have.

by |November 27, 2020