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The Necessity of In-Person Education

We have the tools to reduce the risk of viral transmission, and if we use those tools, we should be able to resume normal schooling.

by |August 16, 2021
vaccine syringe vial

Moving Toward a Post-Pandemic New York City and Nation

We should also be ready for a time when hands can be shaken and hugs can be given, and our tactile, social species is able once again to exhale.

by |May 3, 2021

What We’ve Learned From the Pandemic in 2020

If we learned anything in 2020, it is that we need a unified American community if we are to defeat this virus and return to normal life.

by |January 4, 2021

Personal Reflections on Education During the Pandemic

Like everyone else, I am eager for the vaccine to be distributed and for the infection rate to go down so we can all exhale and return to the real world. A world I know I will never again take for granted.

by |December 14, 2020

Accelerating America’s Response to COVID-19

America is a diverse nation whose people hold a wide variety of beliefs and values. But surely, we can unite behind a national effort to defeat this virus and rebuild our national economy. Surely…

by |December 7, 2020

Maintaining Hope in A Horrible Time

Human ingenuity and persistence give me hope and help me navigate the worst public health catastrophe in a century.

by |October 5, 2020

Back to School During a Pandemic

Being in a classroom, even with a mask and with nearly half of my students online, provides a semblance of normalcy and I am grateful for the opportunity.

by |September 8, 2020
Columbia University Campus

Carefully Reopening New York City and Columbia University

Our collective community is struggling to respond to this disease, and I have confidence we will do so.

by |July 20, 2020

Predicting the Future Response to Our Current Cascading Crises

Anyone who confidently predicts the second half of 2020 hasn’t been paying serious attention to the first half of the year.

by |June 15, 2020

Moving Forward is the Only Option

The crisis of environmental sustainability persists and moving forward to address that crisis is our only option.

by |May 26, 2020