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RSVP for the 2023 Earth Month Student Research Showcase

An April 28 poster session will highlight student projects pertaining to sustainability, climate, and the environment, and will include updates on the state of “Plan 2030,” Columbia’s 10-year plan outlining its sustainability goals.

by Annie Delgadillo |April 20, 2023
flooding in texas after hurricane harvey

RSVP for the Spring 2021 Earth Institute Research Showcase

Due to the global pandemic, students could not travel for research this year. However, that did not stop them from conducting impressive remote research.

by |March 30, 2021
Jacky Austermann, Billy D'Andrea, and Roger Creel conducting field research in the Bahamas.

RSVP for the Spring 2020 Earth Institute Research Showcase

See interviews with Earth Institute students and join us virtually for the Earth Institute Research Showcase on April 10.

by Sydney Proffitt |April 9, 2020
class with windmill

RSVP for the Spring 2019 Earth Institute Research Showcase

Earth Institute students will present their research projects — many of which focus on environmental issues in NYC — on April 5.

by |April 3, 2019

Spring 2016 Earth Institute Research Showcase

Read Flusser studied bamboo and its potential as a feedstock for efficient, second-generation biofuels. Alixandra Prybyla conducted groundbreaking research on the genus Leptarctus, a long-extinct mammal. Marisol Rodriguez worked on a financial model for solar investing. These are just three of the student projects on display at the recent Student Research Showcase.

by |April 14, 2016