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Organizations Ignoring ESG Issues Are Asleep

The attack on an ill-defined concept called “woke” public policy has now been extended to attacking managers and investors who have the “nerve” to pay attention to a company’s environmental footprint, organizational governance practices and social and community impact.

by |March 13, 2023

Sustainable Investing: How Effective Is It Really?

Can your personal investments really help to fight climate change and advance sustainable development? The real-world impacts are inconclusive.

by |April 18, 2022
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Climate Action Needs Investment Governance, Not Investment Protection and Arbitration

Existing investment treaties do not and cannot advance climate goals. We need a wholly new regime for investment governance.

by Martin Dietrich Brauch |March 17, 2022

Apply Now: Virtual Executive Training on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture

The training will review pressing issues related to agricultural investments and introduce practical skills.

What Moody’s Recent Acquisition Means for Assessing the Costs of the Climate Crisis

The acquisition of Four Twenty Seven, a leading provider of insight on economic climate risk, stands out as an indicator that the climate crisis is seen as a material risk that corporations and governments must consider.

by |August 5, 2019
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Why Green Bonds Could Be Key to Fighting Climate Change

The idea behind green bonds is not complicated, but the application of this simple financial mechanism could be transformational.

by |August 2, 2019
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How Money and the Market Can Sustain Sustainability

Solutions for a sustainable future require large-scale mobilization from communities, governments, and investors.

by Thuy Hang Tran |January 23, 2019
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NYC is Selling Off Its Fossil Fuel Investments—Here’s Why That Matters

The City of New York joins a chorus of public and private entities refusing to support companies that contribute to climate change.

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Experts Examine Costs and Benefits of Investment Incentives

Each year, the U.S. spends more than $50 billion trying to attract business headquarters and keep factories open. How much do taxpayers actually benefit from that?

Climate Change’s Bottom Line

In the face of climate change, companies cannot continue to do “business as usual.” The risks and challenges of the changing climate threaten the bottom line, but also offer unprecedented opportunities.

by |May 14, 2014