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Satyajit Bose headshot

Understanding the SEC’s Proposed Climate Rules: Part 3

With the new guidelines, many companies will be challenged to quantify how their businesses will be impacted by climate change. Professor Satyajit Bose shares how his course will help sustainability professionals analyze and manage climate risks.

by Laura Millar |August 22, 2023
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Understanding the SEC’s Proposed Climate Rules: Part 2

Adjunct professor Taylor Pullins explains how his new course will help sustainability professionals navigate the complexities of this landmark regulatory change.

by Laura Millar |August 15, 2023
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Understanding the SEC’s Proposed Climate Rules: Part 1

Adjunct professor Carolyn Kim Allwin shares why she thinks the new rules would be transformational for sustainable investing, and how her course will help sustainability professionals navigate these new guidelines.

by Laura Millar |August 8, 2023
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Johan Lopez: Creating Positive Change Through Sustainable Financing

A soon-to-be graduate of the Climate and Society program, Lopez hopes to continue building a financial system that works better for people and the planet.

by |May 10, 2023

Investors Play a Crucial Role in Solving Climate Change

Climate School experts discuss how strategic investing can drive innovation and systemic change.

by |April 17, 2023

Organizations Ignoring ESG Issues Are Asleep

The attack on an ill-defined concept called “woke” public policy has now been extended to attacking managers and investors who have the “nerve” to pay attention to a company’s environmental footprint, organizational governance practices and social and community impact.

by |March 13, 2023

Sustainable Investing: How Effective Is It Really?

Can your personal investments really help to fight climate change and advance sustainable development? The real-world impacts are inconclusive.

by |April 18, 2022
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Climate Action Needs Investment Governance, Not Investment Protection and Arbitration

Existing investment treaties do not and cannot advance climate goals. We need a wholly new regime for investment governance.

by Martin Dietrich Brauch |March 17, 2022

Apply Now: Virtual Executive Training on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture

The training will review pressing issues related to agricultural investments and introduce practical skills.

What Moody’s Recent Acquisition Means for Assessing the Costs of the Climate Crisis

The acquisition of Four Twenty Seven, a leading provider of insight on economic climate risk, stands out as an indicator that the climate crisis is seen as a material risk that corporations and governments must consider.

by |August 5, 2019