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California Quake Faults Are Highly Sensitive to Solid Earth Tides, Say Scientists

Oceans have tides, and so does the solid earth. Could they have an effect on earthquake faults? Yes, say scientists, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they cause big quakes.

by |May 10, 2023
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Solved: How Tides Can Trigger Earthquakes

A new study reveals the inner workings of tidally triggered earthquakes, and finds that even the slightest stress can set off a tremor.

by |June 7, 2019
Maya Tolstoy, earthquakes, oceans

Tides Play a Role in Triggering Undersea Earthquakes

Can shifting tides trigger earthquakes? Research done by Maya Tolstoy, a geophysicist at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, suggests they do.

by |June 17, 2013