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New Program Designed to Keep Kids in School in Uganda

Though many more children throughout the world are attending primary school since the Millennium Development Goals were adopted 15 years ago, in order to sustain the success, increasing matriculation and improving attendance in secondary schools are essential.

by |May 4, 2015

Helping Young Women Become Leaders in Uganda

The HIV program at the Earth Institute is helping girls and young women in the Millennium Village of Ruhiira through education, mentorship, health care and business enterprise.

by |May 1, 2014

Earth Institute Receives $1 Million From MacArthur Foundation for Sexual and Reproductive Health Initiative

NEW YORK, September 1 – The Earth Institute, Columbia University is pleased to announce a $1 million grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to help improve the health of mothers and children in poor, rural communities within the Millennium Villages project (MVP). These funds will support activities to increase access to… read more

by |October 5, 2010

In the Fight Against Poverty, Higher Priority Needed for Environmental Sustainability

By Cheryl Palm
As the state of the environment directly affects human health and economic wellbeing, the attainment of Millennium Development Goal 7: Ensuring environmental sustainability is critical to the success of all the MDGs.

by |September 28, 2010

The Pearl of Africa

My cell phone rang in the middle of the night. “Are you in Kampala?” On the other line was my husband informing me that two bombs went off in Uganda’s capital city just several hours before, killing scores of people gathered at public spots to watch the final game of the World Cup. I was… read more

by |September 1, 2010