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COP27 and Its Outcomes for Kyrgyzstan

A Kyrgyz journalist reflects on COP27 and its results for Kyrgyzstan.

by Baktygul Chynybaeva |February 2, 2023

Ukraine Demonstrates the Problem With Nuclear Power

The technology we depend on needs to be resilient, reliable, and as safe as possible. Nuclear power fails those tests, as the war in this nuclear energy-dependent nation demonstrates.

by |March 14, 2022

The Impact of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine on Climate Change Policy

While we scramble for energy supplies to replace Russia’s fossil fuels, the long-term impact of this war could and should be increased demand for renewable energy. For now, the people of Ukraine deserve our help and prayers.

by |March 7, 2022
Renewable energy. Photo: Kenueone / Pixabay

Climate School Experts on the Ukraine Crisis

As the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine unfolds, scholars offer their insights into what it means for the clean energy transition, food security, public health, and efforts to curb climate change.

by |February 28, 2022