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Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Rubin Takes Vertical Farming to New Heights

In 2021, Rubin launched Fresh Florida Farms, which grows non-GMO hydroponic lettuce, microgreens, sprouts, herbs, and other leafy greens in Boca Raton.

by Brett Essler |June 6, 2023

How Sustainable is Vertical Farming? Students Try to Answer the Question

Vertical farming is touted as a solution to the drawbacks of traditional agriculture, but how sustainable is it really? A team of students attempts to design a certification system to assess the sustainability of vertical farms.

by |December 10, 2015

Vertical Farms: From Vision to Reality

Dr. Dickson Despommier believes vertical farming—the growing of crops indoors in multi-story urban buildings—can help feed the growing global population and undo the environmental damage caused by conventional agriculture.

by |October 13, 2011