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condiment packets

Opinion: We Must End the Relentless Distribution of Condiment Packets

They seem so small, yet they add up to a big problem. Plus, they’re exceptionally annoying.

by Jeffrey Prosserman |December 10, 2021
blue plastic glove in a puddle on the sidewalk

Please Stop Littering Your COVID Masks and Gloves

It’s infuriating to encounter discarded gloves and masks in public. People need better guidance on how to dispose of them, and more recycling options. 

by Anne Davis |March 11, 2021

Op-Ed: The Environment May Be At Risk From Vaping, Too

As the government responds to the outbreak of vaping-related illnesses, it should also consider how improper disposal of vaping products can harm communities and the environment.

by |September 19, 2019

Plasma Gasification: A Solution to the Waste Disposal Dilemma?

Waste not, Want not? The source of this proverb is unknown, but I’m going to hazard a guess and say it wasn’t your average (modern) American. I say this because your average American runs through 56 tons of trash a year – including 500 plastic cups and 650 pounds of paper. If we were to… read more

by |July 8, 2009