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people walk and bicycle in snowy central park

City Parks: A Lifesaver During COVID Winter

A study that explored winter park use among New Yorkers last year offers key insights into improving the mental wellbeing of urban dwellers as the pandemic merges with colder weather.

by Megan Maurer and Dan Poniachik |November 12, 2020

‘X-Snow’ Project Needs Your Help To Unlock The Secrets of Snow

Citizen scientists can gather data to help uncover how snow is changing over time.

by |February 27, 2018
snow snowman winter

How Will La Niña Affect Winter in the U.S.?

This phenomenon can cause major changes in climate patterns. See what’s in store for your region.

by |November 15, 2017

Year Without a Winter?

No, of course not. Do not suggest anything like that to Alaskans, or Europeans where hundreds have died, or Inner Mongolians, or Koreans. But, turning the clock back to December and January for the New York City region, it was not apparent that winter would arrive as it ‘normally’ does. Yes, we have had significant… read more

by |February 12, 2012