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Columbia Climate Center Launches its Website

This blog, Climate Matters @ Columbia, is brought to you by the Columbia Climate Center, created in 2007 by the Earth Institute, Columbia University.

The mission of the Columbia Climate Center is to integrate climate related research throughout Columbia University and to build upon it to address the challenges of understanding, predicting, adapting to, and mitigating climate change. It is crucial to this mission to effectively communicate climate information to decision makers and society at large.

The Columbia Climate Center has just launched its website, which in conjunction with the blog Climate Matters, aims to provide a forum to present and discuss research about climate and the implications and consequences of climate change and variability.

In addition to providing information about the Columbia Climate Center and a list of our ongoing activities and events, the website has two sections which may be of special interest to people who want to learn about climate.

  • FAQ: In this section we currently answer 24 questions, but we will continue to add more as we go along. If you would like us to answer a question, let us know via comments.
  • Research Highlights: Here we present highlights of research carried out by Columbia scientists in six areas of climate science: (1) the carbon cycle, (2) traditional climate science, (3) impacts (including infrastructure, public health, agriculture, ecosystems, and more) and adaptation, (4) mitigation of climate change, (5) decision science, and (6) policy. Since we’ll add a new highlight in each area every few months, we invite you to keep coming back for new findings from the Columbia climate community.

We welcome your visits, your comments, and your questions!

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