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Intense public interest in changing climate has led to a wave of books. Among the entries,  one upcoming standout is Climate Change: Picturing the Science, from W.W. Norton in April.

Climate Change: Picturing the Science book cover
Climate Change: Picturing the Science book cover

The book is a  journey around the globe via essays and images from top-flight scientists and photographers. The visuals and narration range from field research in remote polar regions to the giant gates now being erected in European estuaries to fend off sea-level rises. Its coeditor is climate researcher Gavin Schmidt of the Earth Institute-affiliated Goddard Institute for Space Studies–a great scientist and science communicator who is founder of the popular blog, and frequent face in the mass media. His partner is photographer Joshua Wolfe, founder of GHG Photos, an agency specializing in worldwide images related to climate.

Oversize pages hold images from National Geographic greats like Peter Essick and Gary Braasch; essayis come from key voices including paleoclimatologist Peter deMenocal; polar scientist Stephanie Pfirman; prizewinning New Yorker journalist Elizabeth Kolbert; and globetrotting ecologist Shahid Naeem. Together, they paint a comprehensive and up-to-date portrait of what we are observing; how climate shifts may already be affecting our planet; and what we are doing (or not) about it.

Many of the contributors, and images, will be at the April 15 New York launch of the book, sponsored by the Columbia Climate Center.

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15 years ago

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