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Webcast With Jeffrey Sachs

Tomorrow, Sept. 14 at 10am (EST), Jeff Sachs is participating in a webcast on “Globalization in the Era of Environmental Crisis.” The discussion is part of the Raul Prebisch lecture series and organized by the UN Commission on Trade and Development. Should be very interesting considering the current financial crisis and as a run-up to the climate meetings in Copenhagen this December.

UPDATE: If you missed the webcast here’s a write-up on it:

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Recent record-breaking heat waves have affected communities across the world. The Extreme Heat Workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners to advance the state of knowledge, identify community needs, and develop a framework for evaluating risks with a focus on climate justice. Register by June 15

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Billy Selve
Billy Selve
14 years ago

I work for a mining company on an island in Papua New Guinea as a Health coordinator. I introduced Professor Jeffrey Sachs’s Millennium Village concept and is gaining momentum in villags. It is a painful loney struggle for me, when investors and the policy makers on the island have their heart in corporate and person gain no insight into sustainable development.

Eary in the year I heard that Cindy from Earths Institute came to PNG and I flew across to Port Moresby but she was so busy and could not find the time to meet me.

Currently there are two millenium villages now on the island – community driven and would like to share this with Professor Sachs…Ours is different from Africa and we have different set of priorities – millennium ‘healthy’ village in a resource rich region.


Billy Selve (DR)
Lihir gold Limited
Lihir Island
Papua New Guinea