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A chorus of bloggers passes the 1,000 mark on the Earth Institute’s State of the Planet

As the State of the Planet blog surpassed 1,000 entries, we decided to take a look at the numbers and compile a list of the 10 most visited pages. Some are individual postings; others are pages that highlight our coverage of conferences, expeditions or programs. Since our launch, we’ve brought you posts from expeditions in the arctic and Antarctica, about the earthquakes in Haiti and Malawi and the volcanic eruptions of Italy, and from sustainable development projects and important conferences around the world. A full list of our blog features can be viewed in our features archive.

All of these blog posts have been made possible by the scientists, students, postdoctoral fellows and staff who make up the Earth Institute and its research units. And thanks to their amazing contributions, we were named an official honoree in the 15th annual webby awards under the science category.

The top 10 visited pages on State of the Planet

  1. Seawater Greenhouses Produce Tomatoes in the Desert
  2. Climate Matters (Columbia Climate Center)
  3. Around the World: Canada
  4. Real Scientists are Climate Skeptics
  5. Water Matters (Columbia Water Center)
  6. Indonesia Puncak Jaya (expedition page)
  7. 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (conference page)
  8. Plasma Gasification: A Solution to the Waste Disposal Dilemma?
  9. UN MDG Summit (conference page)
  10. Everywhere a Hammer on a Nail


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Urania Mylonas
13 years ago

Onward to the next 1,000—feed the blog!

13 years ago

Congrats to all of the many authors who make State of the Planet such an excellent resource for news and views on all things sustainable and science!