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New Gift to Support the Launch of the Carbon Management Program

With renewed support from a generous alumnus, a new masters level program in Carbon Management is being prepared at Columbia University. This gift has provided the Columbia Climate Center (CCC) with additional funding to support the development and launch of the program. The Carbon Management degree is designed to equip the 21st century workforce with the skills required to meet the challenge of stabilizing and eventually reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that is a major cause of increasing global temperatures.
This new gift will provide for the activities of the CCC as it prepares to launch the new program, including developing and offering new coursework, planning and hosting an international workshop on Carbon Management, and implementing the first year of the program.
Urban Pollution. © United Nations Photo
The CCC has developed a curriculum to train professionals who are highly adaptable, with interdisciplinary training in natural and social sciences, engineering, economics, business and law. The program will prepare its graduates with technical proficiency in the management of carbon from engineering to policy, as well as training in systems thinking to relate practical problem-solving to concerns of social equity, ecological conservation, and other global challenges. This program will be the first of its kind in the United States.
In anticipation of the program’s launch, Columbia will be offering new coursework designed specifically for the upcoming degree. Some of these courses include Introduction to Environmental Law, Thinking and Environmental Decision-Making, Carbon Dioxide Removal Techniques, and Consumption and Efficiency.
The two-year, multidisciplinary Carbon Management program complements the growing portfolio of education, communication, and research projects that address our shared climate challenge offered by the Earth Institute and the Columbia Climate Center.
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