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Sustainable Development Spring 2015 Workshop Briefings

Friday, May 1, 2015 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Location: Columbia University Lerner Hall, Room 569
Contact: For further information regarding this event, please contact Program Manager Jessica Sotomayor at
Speakers: Various

Seniors in the Capstone Workshop in Sustainable Development will deliver their final recommendations after working collaboratively on client projects this past semester to find solutions to specific sustainable development problems.

The Spring 2015 projects are as follows:

Strategies for Regional Cooperation in the Nile River Basin
Client: West Point Academy
This project will outline strategies for coordination and cooperation in the Nile River Basin and create a framework of cooperation to increase basin-wide food, water, and energy security while reducing potential for future conflict over development and use of the Nile’s resources.

Climate Change and Environmental Impact Assessment: Tracking Federal Practices and Developing Protocols for Reverse EIA
Client: The Sabin Center
This team is responsible for reviewing Environmental Impact Statements to identify where the documents discuss climate change-related considerations. Students will analyze how the statements address the future impacts of climate change and their relationship to the proposed action and its environmental consequences.

United States Correctional Sector Climate Mitigation Strategies
Client: Columbia Law School
In this project, students will work with client Daniel Holt, a visiting fellow at the Columbia Law School, to address this understudied question: “How will a hotter planet, extreme heat waves, increased severity of storm surges and flooding affect the United States correctional sector?” The end deliverable will inform correctional administrators pathways for resiliency of climate-specific challenges and the cost benefits associated with preventative measures.

Adaptive and Mitigation Strategies for Geohazards in Bangladesh
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
In this project, students will examine the interaction of riverine processes, hydrology, geology, climate change, culture, and sustainable development in the region. Professor Mike Stickler lead the team to explore the country and has overcome many obstacles including  political instability and transportation.

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Columbia’s Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development is an interdisciplinary program that addresses sustainable development through an understanding in the interaction between natural and social systems, offered through The Earth Institute in partnership with Columbia College and the School of General Studies. Participating departments and schools of the sustainable development major and special concentration include the Department of Earth and Environmental Biology; the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering; the School of International and Public Affairs and the Mailman School of Public Health.

To learn more about the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development, visit our website or contact Program Manager Jessica Sotomayor at

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Recent record-breaking heat waves have affected communities across the world. The Extreme Heat Workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners to advance the state of knowledge, identify community needs, and develop a framework for evaluating risks with a focus on climate justice. Register by June 15

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robin numez
9 years ago

It is important to find out about climate change now so that we can understand what is happening to our world. This program is a positive step forward to find minds that can make the difference towards our world’s future climate.