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The existence of climate deniers on the right and vaccine deniers on the left portend a world where dismissing science can have grave consequences. In an attempt to convince decision makers and the public that there is a need to take action, scientists often fail to get their message across. An event this week will reveal why, and what can be done to change that outcome. 

In this talk and discussion with former NY Times reporter Andy Revkin, co-authors  Amy and Roger Aines will share insights and strategies from their book, Championing Science: Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers. They make the case that all of us need to have more conversations about science which can only happen if more scientists speak up and make their ideas and their work better understood.


October 16, 2019, from 6 to 7PM 


Schapiro CEPSR Building (530 W. 120 St., New York, NY 10027), Davis Auditorium (Room 412, 4th Floor)


Julio Friedmann, Senior Research Scholar, Center for Global Energy Policy, Columbia University

Amy L. Aines, Founder and CEO Damianakes Communications, Co-Author of Championing Science: Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers

Roger D. Aines, Chief Scientist of the Energy Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Co-Author of Championing Science: Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers

Andy Revkin, Founding Director, Initiative on Communication & Sustainability, the Earth Institute, Columbia University

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Science for the Planet: In these short video explainers, discover how scientists and scholars across the Columbia Climate School are working to understand the effects of climate change and help solve the crisis.
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