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Welcome, GlacierHub!

Today we are happy to announce that GlacierHub — a website dedicated to glaciers, climate change, and indigenous cultures — is officially moving to State of the Planet. Over the years, State of the Planet has syndicated many excellent and unique stories from GlacierHub, and we’re excited to take this relationship to the next level. Starting today, all new GlacierHub stories will be published on their new blog on State of the Planet.

GlacierHub was established in 2014. It is the brainchild of Ben Orlove, an anthropologist with Columbia University’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society and Center for Research on Environmental Decisions. Its goal has been — and will continue to be — to expand and deepen the public’s understanding of glaciers.

Why glaciers?

Glaciers exist on every continent, blanketing the polar regions and the tops of tall mountains. They are an important source of water and renewable energy for mountain communities, and provide unique natural habitats. They’re also stunningly gorgeous. But they’re shrinking at an alarming rate, making them a powerful symbol of the urgent need to take action against climate change.

GlacierHub tells the stories of people and places that are affected by glaciers and their disappearance. Their stories cover everything from research news to policy and politics, art, culture, climate adaptation, activism, and more. By telling these stories, GlacierHub has built up a growing audience and a strong community of people who live and work near glaciers, as well as concerned citizens who want to take action. We hope this community will continue to grow and flourish into the future.

On the State of the Planet blog, GlacierHub will continue to produce the same types of valuable and interesting content that its readers love, but with greater flexibility around publishing schedules and the freedom to explore new ways of communicating about these icy icons. We are pleased to have the GlacierHub team onboard, and looking forward to seeing all the great things that this collaboration will lead to.

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