Advice on How to Deal With Family Politics and COVID-19 Concerns This Thanksgiving

by Caroline Harting and Acacia O'Connor |November 19, 2021
cooked turkey on table

Photo: Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Many families are gathering in person for Thanksgiving for the first time in two years, which, for many, is a welcome change from eating turkey and pie over a Zoom call. However, holidays are often fraught for families, and this year, the lingering COVID-19 pandemic and continuing political polarization could add to the potential conflict.

Columbia News asked Peter T. Coleman, professor of psychology and education at Teachers College and the author of “The Way Out: How to Overcome Toxic Polarization,” for his advice on how to steer through the sometimes murky waters of family get-togethers. Read the Q&A here.

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