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Memorial Day, Patriotism, and the Search for American Political Consensus

Political polarization is a trap that is easy to fall into, but many Americans are looking for a sense of unity and leadership that represents our common values and shared sense of community.

by |May 30, 2023

How Do We Deal With the Polarization Around Climate Change?

Suggestions from Peter Coleman, psychologist and expert in conflict and cooperation.

by |September 23, 2022

The Impact of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine on Climate Change Policy

While we scramble for energy supplies to replace Russia’s fossil fuels, the long-term impact of this war could and should be increased demand for renewable energy. For now, the people of Ukraine deserve our help and prayers.

by |March 7, 2022
Renewable energy. Photo: Kenueone / Pixabay

Climate School Experts on the Ukraine Crisis

As the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine unfolds, scholars offer their insights into what it means for the clean energy transition, food security, public health, and efforts to curb climate change.

by |February 28, 2022
joshua fisher

As Environmental Conflicts Increase, How Can They Be Managed?

Research scientist Joshua Fisher provides solutions in his new book.

by Eve Glasberg |February 23, 2022
women sit in a circle

A Message From Women Activists Across Africa

In a recent workshop, grassroots women peacebuilders said they are being left out of critical decision-making discussions, and that the media isn’t sharing their stories.

by Anwulika Molokwu |February 18, 2022
Kongit Farrell

Restoring Peace in Family Systems in Communities of Color

A therapist aims to help her patients by adapting conflict resolution tactics during a fellowship at Columbia’s Teachers College.

by Kongit Farrell |January 21, 2022
Peter Coleman and poet Padraig Ó Tuama

Could ‘Peace Speech’ Save the Planet?

A poet and social psychologist at the Columbia Climate School explore the power of language in conflict resolution, sustainability, and peace.

by Lindsay Key |January 5, 2022
cooked turkey on table

Advice on How to Deal With Family Politics and COVID-19 Concerns This Thanksgiving

Feeling anxious about seeing your family this Thanksgiving? Check out these tips on how to avoid uncomfortable conflicts and enjoy your holiday.

by Caroline Harting and Acacia O'Connor |November 19, 2021

Participatory Practices for Sustaining Everyday Peace

Understanding security and peace only in terms of war and conflict no longer reflects the challenges of our time.

by Montserrat Muñoz |September 22, 2021