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women sit in a circle

A Message From Women Activists Across Africa

In a recent workshop, grassroots women peacebuilders said they are being left out of critical decision-making discussions, and that the media isn’t sharing their stories.

by Anwulika Molokwu |February 18, 2022
woman and children in a garden

Bottom-Up Sustainability: The Case of Altavista in Medellin, Colombia

One size does not fit all. A community garden project shows how involving communities in planning and development can help make sustainable practices successful.

by Simón Ruiz-Martínez |January 12, 2022
Huehca Omeyocan dancers

Decolonizing Through Music and Dance: Reflections From Huehca Omeyocan

The co-founder of a group that promotes the cultural practices of the Anahuac Indigenous people explains how this work contributes to decolonization and sustainability.

by Obi Eneh |July 9, 2021
jimmy harmon stands in front of childrens drawings

How the Intercontinental Slavery Museum in Mauritius Promotes Peace and Justice

A member of the museum’s board of directors shares his reflections and hopes for how it may help Mauritian society to come together.

by Allegra Chen-Carrel |February 2, 2021
Jenik Radon headshot

How Biden Could Restore Cooperation Between the U.S. and the World

Recommendations from Jenik Radon, legal scholar and Columbia adjunct professor.

by Joshua Fisher |January 15, 2021
diagram with nodes and interconnecting lines

A Progress Report on the Sustaining Peace Project

A new publication highlights lessons learned to date from a project that studies the factors that lead to sustainable peace within a society.

by Peter Coleman and Allegra Chen-Carrel |January 12, 2021
people sitting on rocks in muddy area

Study Identifies Ways to Limit Arsenic Contamination From Mines

Certain treatments of mining waste can help prevent arsenic runoff from entering local water supplies, according to a new study.

by Emma Venarde |December 10, 2020
graffiti of eyes and hat

Graffiti Gallery in Medellín Offers Lessons From a Conflict-ridden Landscape

Community members share their reflections on how the built environment and street art interact with concepts of peace building, conflict, and resilience.

by Social Lab Castilla |October 6, 2020
network of interactions between different peace factors

What’s Math Got to Do With Peace?

For the Sustaining Peace Project, astrophysicist Larry Liebovitch created a mathematical model to calculate whether a society is moving toward or away from peace.

by Allegra Chen-Carrel |August 6, 2020
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Bronx Documentary Center Uses Photojournalism to Drive Social Change

The center’s director and students explain how they use photography to explore vital issues, stimulate critical thought, and connect with their communities.

by Angie Thuy Tran |August 5, 2020