Adrian Soghoian, Author at State of the Planet

Climate News Roundup – Week of 5/2

Big Wind Farm Off Cape Cod Gets Approval, New York Times In a press conference on Wednesday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced — after nine years of regulatory review – that plans for the nation’s first offshore wind farm were approved for construction. The controversial decision faced resistance from both Democrats and Republicans, including the… read more

by |May 7, 2010

Climate News Roundup – Week of 3/21

Progress Seen on Forest Scheme, Tehran Times Germany joins a 60-country and multi-billion dollar effort to stave deforestation in developing and tropical countries. The plan was initially discussed during the Copenhagen summit this December. However, the details were finally fleshed out Thursday at an all-day conference in Paris, where representatives gathered to decide how to… read more

by |March 21, 2010

Climate News Roundup – Week of 2/1

Obama Seeks to Boost Nuclear Power in New Budget, Yahoo News A White House Official states Friday that President Obama plans to triple government loan guarantees for nuclear power development to over $54 billion. This increase follows President Obama’s State of the Union address on Wednesday night, which urged legislators to reach a bi-partisan consensus… read more

by |February 1, 2010

Climate News Roundup – Week of 11/22

Industrialized Nations Unveil Plans to Rein in Emissions, The New York Times A succession of countries in the U.N. makes national pledges to reduce emissions in a hopeful precursor to climate negotiations in December. Mr. de Boer, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change executive secretary, identified targets from every major developed country except… read more

by |November 23, 2009

Climate News Roundup – Week of 10/25

Obama Putting $3.4 Bn Toward a ‘Smart’ Power Grid, Associated Press President Obama pledges $3.4 bn in government support for 100 different research projects in “smart” grid engineering, ranging in size from $400,00 to $200 million. Speaking Tuesday at the DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center in west Florida, Obama likened the search for power… read more

by |November 2, 2009

Climate News Roundup – Week of 10/18

WWF: We Have Until 2014 to Stop Global Warming, Popular Science The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) publishes a new report concluding that by 2014 the world must fully embrace low-carbon technologies. By “embrace” they mean a minimum growth of 22% in green industries, which they estimate could translate into a 63% reduction in emissions by… read more

by |October 27, 2009

Climate News Roundup – Week of 10/11

Memo Calls for Reversing Law to Phase Out German Nuclear Plants, The New York Times German Chancellor Angela Merkel moves to reverse legislation that gradually phases out nuclear power by 2022. The proposed reversal, contained in a working document sent to Merkel’s political coalition partner, the Free Democrats, calls nuclear power the crucial “bridge” to… read more

by |October 19, 2009

Climate News Roundup – Week of 10/4

Food Prices May Rise 121% by 2050 Due to Climate Change, Business Standard A report released on Wednesday by the International Food Policy Research Institute outlines the threats to agricultural security posed by climate change. Food prices, already expected to increase significantly by 2050, could rise further as the effects from climate change continue to… read more

by |October 9, 2009

Climate News Roundup – Week of 9/27

Gordon Brown’s $100 bn Climate Aid Proposal is ‘Only First Offering‘, Prime Minister Gordon Brown proposes $100 billion in future aid to countries struggling to adapt to climate change. The compensation, which could rise to a higher number as international negotiations continue, would be supplied by “rich” nations in a timeframe extending to 2020…. read more

by |October 4, 2009

Climate News Roundup – Week of 9/19

Denver to Barcelona: Global Cities and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, ScienceDaily ACS’ Environmental Science & Technology is publishing a new study in October identifying which cities are producing the greatest levels of greenhouse gases. Denver was number one on the list, followed by Los Angeles, Toronto, Cape Town, and Bangkok. Researchers identified high electricity and heating… read more

by |September 25, 2009