Charlotte Munson, Author at State of the Planet

Catherine McKenna on Winning the Climate Revolution

The former Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change shares some lessons from her time in office.

by |March 14, 2022

Take Our 2021 Climate Week Quiz

Test your knowledge of the latest climate news.

by |September 20, 2021

You Asked: What’s It Going to Take to Adapt to Climate Change?

Paleoecologist Kevin Uno explains how humans have been adapting to changes in climate for thousands of years, and how we need to adapt now to protect our species’ future.

by |February 3, 2021
radley horton

You Asked: What Can We Do About Climate Tipping Points?

Climate scientist Radley Horton tackles questions about climate tipping points, and how we can tip the scales in a safer direction.

by |January 29, 2021
gisela winckler headshot with ocean background

You Asked: If the Science is Clear, Why Do We Need More Climate Research?

Climate scientist Gisela Winckler explains the link between climate science and solutions, and shares some of her research adventures.

by |January 26, 2021
angel munoz in a vineyard

You Asked: How Does Carbon Dioxide Get So High Up Into the Atmosphere?

If CO2 is heavier than oxygen, why doesn’t it stay near the ground? The short answer: Earth’s atmosphere isn’t like a sealed bottle of wine.

by |September 23, 2020
map of glacier in antarctica

E.I. Teach Arms Educators With Climate Change Lesson Plans and Confidence

The training programs connected teachers with renowned scientists and other educators eager to inspire a new generation of environmental stewards.

by |August 25, 2020