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Elisabeth Sydor is communications coordinator for CIESIN.

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Display image from the NYS FIDSS mapping tool shows a zoomed-in area of Newburgh, New York, in the lower Hudson River Valley, shows critical infrastructure along the river, vulnerable to flooding.

New Mapper Opens Up Access to Flood Planning in New York State

An easy-to-use flood planning tool visualizes building footprint data for nearly all New York State, except New York City.

by |May 18, 2023
The interactive graphic created by the Associated Press, based on a recent study out of Columbia, visualizes the threat of rising temperatures combined with soaring population growth.

Associated Press Offers Interactive ‘Primer’ on New Extreme Heat Data Set

The interactive graphic, based on a recent study out of Columbia, visualizes the threat of rising temperatures combined with soaring population growth.

by |November 19, 2021
Kytt MacManus, standing left, and Dorothee Grant, sitting right, look at a computer monitor as they study images of nightime lights data.

Bright Lights, Big Cities: An Intern Takes on the World of Remote Sensing

Intern Dorothee Grant is using daytime and nighttime lights satellite data to help map urban areas at large spatial scales.

by |October 1, 2019
Remotely-sensed image of a section of Central Park, New York City

High-Resolution Data Products Help Illuminate Urbanization’s Reach

High-resolution data on impervious surfaces and urban extents can shed new light on patterns of urban and rural development.

by |February 26, 2019
plastic figures on display

(Toy) Creatures Find Welcome Habitat in Whimsical Holiday Display

Every year, CIESIN’s Joe Schumacher sets up an elaborate parade of figurines in the Geosciences lobby to brighten spirits during the holidays.

by |December 21, 2018

Anthropocene and Its Victims: Migration as Failure or Adaptive Strategy?

Gemenne argues that climate change is a form of political persecution, that victims of the anthropocene are also victims of political persecution, thus, we should reinstate the term “climate refugee.”

by |June 17, 2015

Track the Number of People in Irene’s Path

As Hurricane Irene barrels up the East Coast, the number of people affected is rising. Based on calculations at 2 pm on Saturday, more than 47 million people were within 100 miles of the storm track; and nearly 69 million within 200 miles, according to Columbia’s Center for International Earth Science Information Network(CIESIN). Visit CIESIN’s… read more

by |August 27, 2011

New Web Site: Impacts of Climate Change/Variability on the Urban Northeast

The CCRUN Web site, developed and hosted by CIESIN, provides resources related to assessing and managing risks from climate change/variability in the urban Northeast.

by |August 26, 2011

Users Invited to Test New SEDAC Web Site

The NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) operated by CIESIN is a unique source of interdisciplinary data and related information and services related to the human dimensions of global environmental change. To help users more effectively find, access, and use these resources, SEDAC has redesigned its Web site with enhanced search tools, interactive mapping… read more

by |July 1, 2011
Four maps of countries for comparison.

Updated Map Viewer Enables Visualization of Socioeconomic and Earth Science Data

Terra Viva SEDAC Viewer, a map viewer and standalone software application, has been updated for 2011 with the addition of several new SEDAC data sets, including climate change scenario data and indicator collections with hundreds of variables. Terra Viva contains map data and GIS functions in one package. An excellent tool for educators, as well… read more

by |June 24, 2011