Isabel Amos-Landgraf, Author at State of the Planet

From a bird's eye view, there is a large group of people holding banners with an circle opening in the middle.

German Court Sides With Youth Climate Activists to Safeguard Human Rights

The court ordered an expansion of the country’s carbon emissions law on the same day as an announcement that Germany’s glaciers could be gone in a decade.

by |May 28, 2021

What Climate Change Adaptation Programs in Peru Are Missing: Indigenous Women’s Knowledge

A number of development programs in the high Andes involve Indigenous men but exclude women herders, preventing the potentially vital exchange of knowledge.

by |April 27, 2021
A person in a red coat stands in front of ice two times his height. The ice is covered with a white blanket.

Geotextiles Could Slow Glacial Melt, but at What Cost?

Swiss ski resorts are using geotextiles to prevent accelerated glacial melting, but researchers have found this strategy too expensive for use in global-scale glacier protection.

by |April 14, 2021
A watercolor painting shows a blues iceberg floating in simple blue water.

How Does an Iceberg Really Float?

A popular way of portraying icebergs is inaccurate. Through a viral tweet, watercolors, and interactive websites, people are learning about how icebergs actually float in water.

by |March 12, 2021
A river flows over various rocks and is surrounded by coniferous trees and mountains in the background

Protecting Yellowstone’s Waters: Proposed Legislation Would Safeguard More of Montana’s Rivers

Montana Senator Jon Tester has proposed a bill that would add 17 rivers to the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

by |February 26, 2021
Buildings on the banks of a river fall into a rushing flood.

Devastating Flood in Himalayas Highlights Risks of Development in the Era of Climate Change

Climate change and hydroelectricity power projects compounded the devastating destruction of the February 7 flood in Uttarakhand.

by |February 16, 2021
On the floor of the state legislature, Representative Debra Lekanoff stands and waves.

Representative Debra Lekanoff Works to Protect Washington’s Communities, Both Human and Salmon

GlacierHub interviews Debra Lekanoff, the only Native American woman currently serving in Washington’s state legislature.

by |February 11, 2021
A crowd of people carry a black banner that reads "No a Pascua-Lama" in white letters.

Chile’s Pascua-Lama Mine Legally Shut Down, but Mining Exploration Continues

The mine was ordered to close due to environmental violations, but the owner, Canadian company Barrick Gold, is still exploring mining opportunities in the area.

by |January 15, 2021
A vicuña, a relative of a llama, stands on a jumble of rocks in front of a large glacier in the background.

Vicuña Dung Brings Vegetation to the High Andes

Latrines created by vicuñas, wild relatives of llamas, provide vital nutrients for plants on post-glaciated mountain landscapes in the Andes.

by |December 22, 2020
The ground of a plaza is covered with gray topographical lines. There are thin gray poles that line the sides with trees and benches.

The Echoing Wake of a Dying Glacier

A permanent art installation in Calgary, Canada, delivers the sounds of the shrinking Bow Glacier to the city center in real-time.

by |December 10, 2020