Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Author at State of the Planet

map of areas restricted from renewable energy development

Report Finds 228 Local Restrictions Against Siting Wind, Solar, and Other Renewables

Renewable energy projects have encountered significant opposition in at least 45 states, according to a report published May 31.

by Matthew Eisenson |May 31, 2023
ocean waves crashing against a rocky shoreline

Harnessing the Ocean’s Power to Combat the Climate Crisis

The Sabin Center for Climate Change Law is working to advance laws that facilitate safe and responsible ways of leveraging the ocean to remove carbon dioxide from the air.

by Tiffany Challe |April 21, 2023

Website Tracks Inflation Reduction Act’s Climate Provisions is a free resource that includes a searchable database of the bill’s climate change-related provisions and actions taken by federal agencies to implement those provisions.

ama frances speaking at an event

At Davos, a Call for Solutions to Climate Migration and a Culture of Welcome Instead of Fear

The key to addressing climate migration and displacement is to come up with creative solutions that will make it easier — not harder — for people to flee from peril.

by Ama Francis |February 8, 2023
maria antonia tigre headshot

Just Transition Litigation in Latin America: Sabin Center Launches New Report

Looking at 20 just transition lawsuits from Latin America, the report analyzes what arguments are being made and how those arguments have been received by the courts.

by Maria Antonia Tigre |January 4, 2023
amy turner headshot

Sabin Center’s Amy Turner Tapped for NYC Mayor’s Sustainability Advisory Board

Turner is one of 26 board members who will help to guide the city’s long-term resiliency and sustainability goals.

Comparison of installation costs of residential solar, commercial rooftop solar, and utility-scale solar.

Solar Panels Reduce CO2 Emissions More Per Acre Than Trees — and Much More Than Corn Ethanol

A response to a recent essay in the New York Times.

by Matthew Eisenson |October 26, 2022
oil or gas well in pasture land in texas

Surprise: Inflation Reduction Act Makes Oil and Gas Development on Federal Land Less Attractive

The bill’s requirement to offer land for oil and gas development may have a more limited impact than feared.

by Romany Webb |August 17, 2022
The Greenidge Generation power plant.

New York Denies Air Quality Permit to a Cryptocurrency Mining Facility, Citing Sabin Center White Paper

On June 30, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation denied an application to renew an air quality permit for the Greenidge Generating Station, citing work published by Columbia Climate School’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law.

by Jacob Elkin |July 7, 2022
statue in front of Supreme Federal Court Building in Brasília

Advancements in Climate Rights in Courts Around the World

Despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in West Virginia. v. EPA, rulings in other countries demonstrate that courts worldwide remain an important forum for potentially advancing climate rights.

by Maria Antonia Tigre |July 6, 2022