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A cicada on the Bronx Zoo's Bug Carousel

Come Ride on the Cicada Carousel

Getting people interested in wildlife conservation is no easy feat. Zoos serve a critical, but often overlooked, role.

by Alice Yan |April 26, 2022

At 90, Still Studying Ancient Pollen

Lamont’s Linda Heusser turned 90 years old on April 12, and the only birthday present she really wanted was another sediment core to study.

by |April 15, 2022
map of persistant and ephemeral forest in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Regrown Tropical Forests May Have Short Lifespans, Says New Study

Forest cover in many tropical regions increased in recent decades, but a new study suggests that much of the regenerated area is re-cleared within a few years, which could limit biodiversity and carbon storage benefits.

by |March 18, 2022
A bobcat caught on camera

The Art of Catching a Bobcat

Chopped beaver and chilled urine. Shiny feather boas and smelly mating lures. The extreme lengths to which ecologists must go to catch an elusive animal.

by Alice Yan |March 14, 2022
nicole davi headshot

Learning From Tree Rings: An Interview With Nicole Davi

A dendrochronologist explains how tree rings can teach us about our past, present, and future.

by Nataley Williams |March 8, 2022
boat and hydrophones from underwater

An Immersive Art Installation Records the Sounds of the Sea

Columbia’s School of the Arts will present Jana Winderen’s “The Art of Listening: Under Water,” February 3-13.

by Eve Glasberg |February 7, 2022

Weddell Seal Population May Be Much Lower Than Previously Thought

High-resolution satellite images allowed researchers to do a more comprehensive head count than ever before, and revealed patterns in the seals’ distribution.

by |February 4, 2022
flooded wetland

Losing a Hectare of Wetlands Could Cost $8,000 Per Year in Flood Damages

New findings may help inform discussions as the Supreme Court takes up a case that could limit wetland protections under the Clean Water Act.

by |January 28, 2022

How Climate Change Will Affect Plants

While elevated levels of CO2 can help plants grow, the impacts of climate change mean it’s not all good news for the plant world.

by |January 27, 2022
tiger heads and skins on a shelf

U.S. May Have Been Responsible for Almost Half of Recent Past Illegal Tiger Trade

A new study indicates that the scale has been underestimated.

by |January 12, 2022