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How Community Driven Philanthropy Can Enhance Democracy and Increase Philanthropic Impact

Foundations should engage constituencies in their work.

by David J. Maurrasse and Colin Greer |August 31, 2021

How Can Local Communities Address the Needs of Vulnerable Populations Prior to a Disaster?

Finding solutions to longstanding problems for vulnerable communities prior to a disaster can help recovery efforts after one hits.

by Thessa Roy, Thomas Chandler, and Laudan Ghayebi |August 31, 2021

Tidal Communities Make Their Case for Shaping Resilient Coastal Futures

A recent conversation focused on three coastlines where Indigenous and Black communities are caught between rising seas and societal and development threats on land.

by |March 29, 2021
line of buses and vans

Why Fines and Jail Time Won’t Change the Behavior of Ghana’s Minibus Drivers

Research shows that a range of structural factors, including exploitative labor relations and police corruption, compel and solicit dangerous driving behavior.

by Festival Godwin Boateng  |March 17, 2021

Export Curbs by Just a Few Nations Could Make Global Food Prices Skyrocket

A recent study shows that trade restrictions and stockpiling of supplies by just a few key countries during times of crisis could create global food price spikes and severe local and regional food shortages.

by |March 3, 2021
paige west standing in shallow water along coast

Paige West Works to Uplift Indigenous Voices and Traditions in Papua New Guinea

Her work supporting Indigenous sovereignty over biodiversity was recently recognized by the Explorer Club on its list of 50 people who are changing the world.

by Sydney Williams |February 17, 2021

Compassion, Empathy and American Anti-poverty and Immigration Policy

We should be able to find it in our hearts to help children, dreamers and refugees, and our new president gives me hope we can do just that.

by |February 15, 2021

Pod of the Planet Ep. 13: Corruption, Migration and COVID-19

In this episode we explore the toll COVID-19 has taken on migration and how corruption is making it that much worse for vulnerable groups.

by |January 25, 2021
powerpoint slide displayed on Zoom

Virtual Talk Emphasizes Links Between Housing, Energy, and Environmental Justice

Sociologist Diana Hernandez highlighted the need to consider a variety of factors when it comes to designing solutions for low-income and communities of color.

by Evan Lim |November 9, 2020
Community supervision of mineral prospecting in Tsumkwe District West, Namibia

Land Investments During COVID-19: The Hazards of Pressing on Without Community Participation

Companies are seeking to press ahead with investments on community lands or even take advantage of the pandemic to avoid the usual authorization requirements.

by Sam Szoke-Burke |May 28, 2020