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A room full of panelists sitting at a roundtable

How Can Digital Payments Improve Climate Resilience and Disaster Response?

Panelists, including Columbia Climate School’s Lisa Dale, discussed the role that mobile payments can play in response to climate change at a United Nations side event.

by Kayley Beard |July 26, 2023

Paying the Costs of Climate Resilience

We need a stronger and more resilient built environment to withstand the rains, wind, heat, and cold of climate-accelerated extreme weather events.

by |July 17, 2023

Infrastructure and the Transition to Environmental Sustainability

For over a century, as America’s private economy developed, government played a role in investing in collective goods that would not have attracted private investment on terms that would have served the public interest. This role must continue to complete the transition to an environmentally sustainable economy.

by |July 10, 2023

It’s Time to Regulate E-Bikes and Scooters in New York City

As the nation and city decarbonize and move toward electricity-based energy systems, new technologies will continue to emerge, and we will need to develop rules to ensure that new technologies are deployed safely.

by |July 3, 2023

Improving Circularity, Social Inclusion, and Biodiversity at the World’s Second Largest Utility

Columbia Climate School’s Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management is partnering with the global smart energy solutions provider Enel X Global Retail to evaluate its new sustainability improvement initiative.

by Kelsie DeFrancia and Anyi Wang |June 28, 2023

Food Waste and the Complexity of New York City’s Garbage

The goal of reusing food waste is worthwhile, though NYC’s new mandatory residential food recycling has some design problems.

by |June 20, 2023

President Biden’s Environmental Record

Joe Biden and his team have put together a stunning record of environmental success. In addition to reconstructing the EPA, Biden has led the enactment of America’s largest environmental funding laws.

by |June 5, 2023
Two children and an adult playing with recycled musical instruments

We Made Musical Instruments From Trash at Manhattanville Community Day

Inspired by Bash the Trash, kids had a chance to make musical instruments out of reusable materials, then perform in a parade.

by |May 23, 2023

The Impact of the American Consensus Favoring Environmental Protection

The legal structure of American environmental protection persists because environmental protection has been added to the fundamental and irreducible function of government: to protect people from harm.

by |May 22, 2023
Five young professionally dressed people stand smiling in front of trees

A Proposal to Decouple Food Systems From Deforestation in Brazil

Students from the M.P.A. in Environmental Science and Policy program traveled to Brazil to present their policy proposal at the 2023 Global Public Policy Network Conference.

by Deanna Coleman |May 15, 2023