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Is Electricity Use in the Developing World About to Skyrocket?

Cities in the developing world may soon see dramatic spikes in electricity consumption for heating and cooling, according to a new study led by researchers from the Earth Institute’s Quadracci Sustainable Engineering Lab.

by |May 1, 2017
Even in the scenario with the least impact, several megacities will largely become submerged over time.

Climate Change Isn’t Just a 21st Century Problem

Humans have been burning fossil fuels for only about 150 years, yet that has started a cascade of profound changes that at their current pace will still be felt 10,000 years from now, a new study shows.

by |February 8, 2016

ExxonMobil and the Distortion of Climate Science

What protection can we fall back on when a giant, powerful, multinational corporation leads an effort to change the nature of reality itself and redefine scientific fact? The answer is of course, is the protection of other powerful institutions: research universities like the one I work for, the Congress, and, in this case, the New York State attorney general.

by |November 16, 2015

Volkswagen’s Shame and Challenge to Sustainability Management

Let’s remember that America is part of a global economy, and if we are not aggressive about sustainability we may find ourselves left behind and noncompetitive in the new businesses that emerge in renewable energy and recycled materials.

by |September 21, 2015

For a Wind-Powered City, Heat Pumps Are Key

Replacing conventional building boilers with electric heat pumps in New York City buildings could substantially increase the viability of renewable energy use in the city, according to a recent study from researchers from the Earth Institute’s Sustainable Engineering Lab.

by |June 27, 2014

Latest Environmental Performance Index Introduces New Indicators

Innovations in the 2014 EPI include a new wastewater treatment indicator; a new approach to climate change indicators; and two new satellite-derived indicators for air quality and forests.

by |January 25, 2014

A Faustian Choice: Population and Environment

Population growth is a key contributor to the pressures pushing at our planetary boundaries. In Rio+20 discussions, implications of population growth have become shrouded in platitudes. It is important that discussions on planetary limits clearly lay out possible strategies that can alleviate these pressures.

by |June 25, 2012

The Less Thirsty Cars of the Future

Good news for clean air and water: President Obama unveiled an agreement last week to raise the bar on fuel economy by 2025.

by |August 2, 2011

Ideas for the Sustainable City: Green Buildings

On March 23, the Environmental Protection Agency released a list of the 40 cities with the highest percentage of energy-efficient buildings. While Los Angeles, Washington and San Francisco made the top three, NYC came in at number ten. When we think about carbon emissions, we often think of cars, trucks, factories, and power plants. We think… read more

by |March 26, 2010

Food Miles, Fair Miles

It’s not often that when we purchase food from a bodega or grocery store that we consider where it came from.  Is my apple from New York, Washington, or China?  Were my tomatoes grown in Florida, California, or Mexico?  Whose hands planted and picked them?  Why did this planter choose this variety? Wherever our food… read more

by |January 28, 2010