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Presenting Climate LIVE K12: RSVP for Winter 2022 and Spring 2023 Sessions

In the Climate LIVE video series, experts from across the Columbia Climate School present climate and sustainability content for grade school and university students, educators, parents, and the public.

by Laurel Zaima and Christina Deodatis |October 11, 2022

What Is Decarbonization, and How Do We Make It Happen?

To keep the planet from warming more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, economies must rapidly decarbonize. What will this involve?

by |April 22, 2022
illustration of women forming a circle around the earth for international womens day

How These Women Are Contributing to a Sustainable Tomorrow

For International Women’s Day, we highlight a few women in the Columbia Climate School who are leading on climate science and adaptation, and helping to promote equity, sustainability, and resilience.

by |March 8, 2022
colorful minibuses driving in street

A Road Map for Minibus Electrification

A report co-authored by the Center for Sustainable Urban Development offers recommendations for electrifying a popular mode of transportation in three African cities.

by Elise Gout |February 23, 2022
people in street holding a sign that says 'climatejustice'

Teaming Up for Coastal Resilience and Climate Justice in NYC

The Resilient Coastal Communities Project will help address the growing risks of storm surge, flash flooding and sea level rise, in an inclusive and holistic manner.

by Paul Gallay, Annel Hernandez, and Eddie Bautista |January 31, 2022
NYC heat vulnerability index map

8 Ways NYC Can Help Vulnerable Communities Survive Summer Heat

Communities of color are especially at risk from extreme heat, and COVID-19 has made cooling off more challenging for many. Here’s how the city can do better.

by Jenny Bock and Sonal Jessel |September 27, 2021
illustration shows people running through rain across gap to safe area with umbrellas

We Must Incorporate Social Justice When Planning for Compound Disasters

When multiple disasters combine, marginalized communities are impacted the hardest. A new paper offers suggestions for dealing with these combined threats.

by Jackie Klopp, Andrew Kruczkiewicz, and Joshua Fisher |May 12, 2021
international womens day banner

Why International Women’s Day Is Still Relevant in 2021

Gender equality is an essential ingredient in building a fair and sustainable world. Today we’re publishing stories that honor the accomplishments of many of our women colleagues.

by |March 8, 2021
two men at a gate

Challenging Social Exclusion in the Urban Built Environment

A new book and online resource list offer perspectives, ideas, and resources to decenter whiteness within historic preservation.

by Anna Gasha |December 29, 2020
faces on zoom meeting

Earth Networks Take Interdisciplinary Work to the Next Level

Working across the university, the Earth Networks will focus on climate mobility, environmental justice, habitable planets, and sustainable food systems.

by Sydney Williams |December 21, 2020