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map shows distribution of green roofs across NYC's five boroughs, mostly in Manhattan and Brooklyn

New Study Provides First Look at Green Roof Distribution Across NYC

The data reveal that only a tiny fraction of buildings have green roofs, and most are in wealthy areas.

by |November 1, 2022
core repository

Presenting Climate LIVE K12: RSVP for Winter 2022 and Spring 2023 Sessions

In the Climate LIVE video series, experts from across the Columbia Climate School present climate and sustainability content for grade school and university students, educators, parents, and the public.

by Laurel Zaima and Christina Deodatis |October 11, 2022

Should Coastal Communities Rebuild or Retreat After Hurricane Ian?

The benefits and challenges of moving communities to safer ground.

by |October 7, 2022
globe in hand

Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunities for Fall 2022-Spring 2023

Opportunities related to climate, sustainable development, and the environment are available with distinguished faculty and researchers.

by Yana Zeltser |July 28, 2022
map of high temperatures across europe

Heat Waves: Climate School Experts Available to Comment

Hundreds of people have lost their lives in Spain and Portugal due to a heat wave that is moving north and east.

by |July 18, 2022

Biennial Index Finds the World Is Lagging on Environmental and Climate Goals

A handful of countries, including the United States, may emit half the world’s greenhouse gases by 2050.

by |June 1, 2022
Aerial Image captured by a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone shows Columbia College students collecting vegetation data, for analysis utilizing near-infrared imagery to measure the health of plants on the surface. The data was the basis for a student-developed Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). Callicoon, New York, March 2022.

Students Take the Driver’s Seat in Drone-Enabled Geospatial Data Analysis

Columbia College students pilot drones to enhance the power of their geospatial data collection.

by Elisabeth Sydor |May 18, 2022
image showing women scientists at columbia

Why Climate Science Needs More Women Scientists

Women scientists continue to face unequal access to resources and opportunities in climate science. This lack of gender diversity is concerning, since women around the world will bear the brunt of climate change impacts.

by |February 11, 2022
Map: U.S. Social Vulnerability Index Grids

Data Dive: Carolynne Hultquist on Spatial Data, Social Vulnerability and Disasters

Dr Hultquist discusses fusing GIS with crowd-sourced and social data to uncover new insights and inform disaster preparedness and response.

by |February 10, 2022
internships students work-study

Spring 2022 Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunities

Undergraduates from Columbia will be able to serve as research assistants on projects related to sustainable development and the environment.

by |December 20, 2021