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Nooksack River in Washington State

Atmospheric Rivers Spur Debates on Flood Management in Washington State

After receiving unprecedented amounts of rainfall late last year, communities in northwestern Washington are asking questions about how to prevent flood damage in a warmer and wetter climate.

by |January 31, 2022
A person in a red coat stands in front of ice two times his height. The ice is covered with a white blanket.

Glacier Blankets in Switzerland Highlight Global Disparities in Fighting Climate Change

Although geotextiles have helped to slow glacier melt in Switzerland, they are a climate change adaptation that’s not affordable or feasible in many developing countries.

by |January 5, 2022

Trying to Stay Afloat: How Mumbai’s Climate Action Plan Falls Short

Mumbai’s climate action plan, created as part of the C40 cities initiative, focuses too much on data collection and not enough on action.

by Tanishka Sachidanand |September 29, 2021
A person using a mobile phone in India

To Tackle Food Insecurity, Invest in Digital Climate Services for Agriculture 

New recommendations outline a path to maximize impact of investments in digital climate services for small-scale farmers.

Irina Ishan

Meet Irina Ishan From Columbia Climate School’s Inaugural Class

She helped to draft a national climate change policy in her home country.

by |August 2, 2021
celena wasserstrom headshot

Meet Celena Wasserstrom From Columbia Climate School’s Inaugural Class

She wants to help vulnerable communities adapt to climate change.

by |July 26, 2021

What Climate Change Adaptation Programs in Peru Are Missing: Indigenous Women’s Knowledge

A number of development programs in the high Andes involve Indigenous men but exclude women herders, preventing the potentially vital exchange of knowledge.

by |April 27, 2021
A person in a red coat stands in front of ice two times his height. The ice is covered with a white blanket.

Geotextiles Could Slow Glacial Melt, but at What Cost?

Swiss ski resorts are using geotextiles to prevent accelerated glacial melting, but researchers have found this strategy too expensive for use in global-scale glacier protection.

by |April 14, 2021
A shepherd and his herd in Senegal

Combining Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge Enhances Fire Management in the Sahel

A less predictable climate is undermining traditional decision-making around controlled burns in the Sahel. Columbia’s ACToday project is forging connections to enhance these communities’ resilience to the changing climate.

by Natalie Duncan |March 19, 2021

To Save Giant Sequoia Trees, Maybe It’s Time to Plant Backups

When a species spreads too slowly to escape climate dangers, should humans assist them in migrating into nearby territories?

by Kevin Webb |March 15, 2021