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Avoiding Environmental Panic

People are experiencing the climate crisis firsthand, and it is changing their understanding of how the world works. The crisis is real, but so, too, is our determination to address it.

by |July 24, 2023

When Record-Breaking Is the Norm: Mitigating the Impacts of Extreme Rainfall Events in a Changing Climate

Rainfall extremes this year affected millions.

by Kai Kornhuber, Mona Hemmati and Andrew Kruczkiewicz |September 20, 2021

Protecting New York City from the Impact of Climate Change

The climate crisis and the extreme weather it brings will get worse before it gets better, and New York City’s very survival depends on our ability to finally respond to the climate adaptation crisis before us.

by |September 7, 2021

Climate and COVID as Crises of Environmental Sustainability

Human technology and ingenuity have created a world of comfort, curiosity and creativity. But we have failed to account for their impacts on the systems that sustain the planet and in turn sustain human life.

by |February 8, 2021

California’s Continuing Climate Leadership

California deserves our gratitude for again leading the way and providing hope in this most difficult time.

by |September 28, 2020
pasang dolma sherpa

Pasang Dolma Sherpa, Indigenous Peoples Representative to the U.N., Speaks With GlacierHub

Around the world, Indigenous communities are losing their lands, livelihoods and culture to climate change. Sherpa is fighting to bring their voices to the United Nations.

by |July 21, 2020
beach and ocean waves

Ocean Uptake of CO2 Could Drop as We Cut Carbon Emissions

A new study finds that ocean absorption of CO2 rises and falls along with human activity and natural phenomena. The findings are important for understanding how much the oceans will offset future climate change.

by |June 3, 2020

Regulation and Reality in Reducing Global Warming

In order to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, we need to work together with businesses and communities to help develop the capacity to reduce emissions.

by |July 8, 2019

A Deep Dive Into Guinea’s Mining Industry

At the request of the United Nations Development Programme, four graduate students are developing a sustainability guide for the bauxite mining industry in Guinea.

by |April 20, 2018
Martin Stute, a Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory scientists who will be giving a live-streamed seminar about the CarbFix Project, talks with Edda Sif Arradotir of Reykjavik Energy in front of the piping system that pumps emissions back underground. Photo: Kevin Krajick

Watch Live: Turning CO2 to Stone, Scientists Discuss a Climate Solution

On June 24, a scientist involved in the CarbFix carbon capture and storage project in Iceland will give a live-streamed presentation about the technology and the project’s success at turning CO2 to stone.

by |June 16, 2016