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used car taxi

Why Ghana Relies Heavily on Used Cars

Used vehicles serve real needs across Africa, but they also contribute to its public health and environmental problems through crashes and pollution.

by Festival Godwin Boateng and Jacqueline Klopp |January 10, 2023
A comparison of forest cover before the British established a colony in New Zealand (left) versus today (right).

How Colonialism Spawned and Continues to Exacerbate the Climate Crisis

Colonialism was motivated by the promise of plundering the environment and subjugating populations. Its legacy makes it far more challenging to address the climate crisis and implement equitable solutions.

by |September 21, 2022
Huehca Omeyocan dancers

Decolonizing Through Music and Dance: Reflections From Huehca Omeyocan

The co-founder of a group that promotes the cultural practices of the Anahuac Indigenous people explains how this work contributes to decolonization and sustainability.

by Obi Eneh |July 9, 2021
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Podcast Series Investigates Colonialism and COVID-19

From the Navajo Nation to Somalia, diverse speakers discuss how colonial structures are perpetuated in modern times and reflected in the COVID crisis.

by Angie Tran, AC4 Communications Team |December 29, 2020
explosion at bikini atoll

Colonialism is at the Root of the Diabetes Epidemic in the Pacific Islands

People across the Pacific Islands are suffering from an alarming diabetes epidemic. To solve it, we must confront the legacies and remnants of colonialism.

by Chloe Schneewind |June 19, 2020
fisherman on ice

A Sustainable Arctic Has to Include Indigenous Groups

Assimilation and colonization are still happening in our own backyard.

by Isabelle Cojocaru-Durand |May 15, 2020
Malcom Ferdinand portrait

Tackling Environmental Dilemmas Requires Integrating the Legacy of Colonialism

Why Malcom Ferdinand advocates for ecological movements to engage in the struggle against racism, and vice versa.

by Rachel Kirk |January 24, 2020