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John and Wendy in the field

“Tell Us What You Need:” The Essential NGO Mindset

M.S. Sustainability Management alum Wendy Hapgood co-founded the Wild Tomorrow Fund, which is currently rewilding a large tract of land in South Africa.

by Thinus Venter |August 19, 2021
two vaquitas swimming

A Porpoise at the Precipice: Should We Let the Vaquita Go?

With mothers and calves among the last nine or so porpoises, recovery is still possible. This is a rare instance where a small, specific investment could help bring the vaquita back from the brink.

by |August 3, 2021

Blue Whale Population in Chile Threatened by Fishing Industry

Through vessel strikes and noise pollution, the fishing industry in Chilean Patagonia creates challenges for local blue whale populations.

by |July 13, 2021
Massive protest in Santiago, Chile

Environmentalists and Glacier Activists Are Poised to Rewrite Chile’s Constitution

A newly elected constitutional assembly is charged with rewriting Chile’s constitution from scratch, with strong representation from Indigenous peoples and environmentalists, including glacier activists.

by |July 9, 2021
Earth Day 2021: Restore Our Earth

Quiz: Earth Day and Environmentalism

Take a break and test your knowledge of Earth Day, environmentalism, and all things natural.

by |April 15, 2021

To Save Giant Sequoia Trees, Maybe It’s Time to Plant Backups

When a species spreads too slowly to escape climate dangers, should humans assist them in migrating into nearby territories?

by Kevin Webb |March 15, 2021
beloved beasts book cover

Michelle Nijhuis Wants to Bring Biodiversity Loss to Your Doorstep

Her new book charts the ways conservation is becoming a movement for the protection of all species — foreign and domestic, ugly and cuddly, plant and yes, even human.

by Aldo Defilippi |March 10, 2021
a bright blue pool of water forming on a piece of ice. a person skiis across the ice mass, very small in comparison

New Book Highlights the Beauty of Glaciers

Canadian author Lynn Martel recently released a book filled with stories about the wonder of glaciers and the people who interact with them.

by |December 10, 2020

National Parks in Argentina: Scenery or Sovereignty?

A new study traces the political and economic forces that led to the creation and development of Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia.

by |October 23, 2020

How Religion Influences Our Relationship With the Environment

A new study looks at the links between religion and attitudes toward the environment.

by Vegard Skirbekk, Alexander de Sherbinin and Susana Adamo |October 15, 2020